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We're so confident that your snoring problem will be solved with our SleepPro Contour, that we are offering you a full 30-day trial. If you are satisfied with your purchase, simply do nothing and 30 days following your shipment of your SleepPro Contour, your credit card will be charged a one-time fee of £59.99. Simply pay £6.50 for shipping and handling today which is non-refundable. This special offer is not available anywhere else. 
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If Any Of The Following Sounds Familiar Then SleepPro Can Help You.
1) You keep your bed partner awake by your loud and annoying snoring?

2) You wake up feeling groggy, unrested, and as if you hadn't had a good  night's sleep?

3) You fear the health consequences that long-term  snoring will have on you, your loved ones and your health?
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  Sleep quietly throughout the night and waking up feeling               refreshed. 
 Reduce the potential for health risks caused by chronic                  snoring, helping you achieve better quality of life and an                improved relationship with your sleeping partner. 
 The reassurance of an effective anti-snoring device that                includes a 1- year warranty to help you experience the health        benefits of quality sleep. 
A Tour Around Your SleepPro Contour
How It Works
The SleepPro Contour uses the well proven principal of Mandibular Advancement to gently hold your lower jaw slightly forward of it's normal resting position

This helps keep the upper airway supported and open, keeping the air flowing freely and without obstruction, killing that dreaded snoring and restoring peaceful tranquil nights of quality sleep.
SleepPro Has You 100% Covered
If your SleepPro Contour doesn't help you sleep quietly and wake up feeling refreshed, or fails to help you reclaim a good night's sleep with fewer interruptions, just return it within the 30 days and you owe nothing
Join Our 1000's of Happy Customers And Start Enjoying Quality Nights Of Restful Tranquil Sleep
One SleepPro Contour Anti-Snore Mouthpiece
Pay only £6.50 for S&H today
Pay only £59.99 if you decide to keep it after 30 days
Two SleepPro Contour Anti-Snore Mouthpiece's
Pay only £6.50 for S&H today
Pay only £89.99 if you decide to keep both after 30 days
Got Questions? We Have Answers...
 Does it treat sleep apnea?
All SleepPro products are primarily for the treatment of snoring. Some users with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea do experience some relief with a SleepPro and you must seek professional medical advice to determine if such a product would be suitable for your specific condition.
 I sleep with my mouth open. Will it work for me?
Yes! the SleepPro Contour  opens easily with a 2 point hinge design to help snorers who sleep with their mouth open. You can also contact us for a chin support strap that which is available as an extra in the item, please contact us for details at
 What is your guarantee?
Your satisfaction is our goal. Your SleepPro Contour 30 day trial is risk free, if you are not 100% happy with the result just return it within 30 days and you will be not be charged any additional costs besides the original shipping and handling cost.
 What if it doesn't fit?
If for any reason your mouthpiece does not fit, just send it back within the 30 day trial period and we will cancel your order, all you will have paid is the  S&H which is non refundable 
 Do do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to most countries outside the UK and this option is available at checkout. International airmail shipping is only £9.95 GBP and orders are usually received within 7-10 days.
If you would like a tracked service please contact us at
With 20 Years Of Product Experience, Global Customer Service And A Passion To Stop Snoring You Are In Safe Hands
Finally nights of uninterrupted sleep. 
Banish that snoring and allow you and your partner to both have a good and restful night's sleep.
Value and Superior Warranty
 Includes a 1 year warranty, a protective travel case and a 30 day FREE trial. Pay only for S&H today and if you keep it you will be charged £59.99 / £89.99 if not returned 
Guaranteed Results
 SleepPro Contour gently holds your lower jaw forward to open your airway and help reduce your annoying and embarrassing snoring.
Just Some Of Our 139,000 Happy Customers

Mr. V.H. 

I don’t snore any more!
After years of sleeping in the spare room and a failed marriage, I can finally say that I don’t snore! In the past, I have tried, nasal strips, sprays and even a hairbrush strapped to my back in an attempt to stop me from rolling over!
SleepPro  has changed all that. I used an app on my phone called Sleep Recorder. Each morning there would be a recording of over an hour of loud snoring, but now all I get is just a couple of minutes of my noisy central heating firing up!
SleepPro  has been 100% successful for me and I would tell everyone who snores to try this product, you’ll be delighted with the results

Mr. P.V 

I received my SleepPro  last week and I have to say, it’s fantastic! I’ve tried a few off-the-shelf AMDs in the past few months in the search for a snoring solution and this is the only one that doesn’t alter my bite for the whole of the following day or make my teeth feel like they’re about to fall about. Amazing. It’s really comfortable and stays in place the whole night. My wife is especially appreciative as I make no noise at all — at first I thought the SnoreLabs app on my iPad was broken as it recorded nothing at all the first night I tried the SleepPro Custom out. :-)

Dr Bruno Innocenti Italy

My experience with the SleepPro  is going very well indeed, so much so that I am now recommending it to friends and medical colleagues.
I found it easy to use and no longer snore. This problem often affects younger people too, but inevitably with age, people find themselves having to face annoying snoring, which is especially difficult for those who sleep next to them. Because of my strength of feeling that this is a very serious problem, not just a laughing matter, I am very happy to help you spread the word and encourage people to use a SleepPro

Tony Styles

I am so pleased with my SleepPro Contour. I don’t snore any more and so I’m sleeping well – but importantly I can adjust it to what seems the most comfortable fit at that time – it makes all the difference to be able to do that as it seems to vary over time. The different settings solve the problem

Mr J.M.B 

This is the best mouthpiece of its type that I have tried – and I have tried most of them. I wear it every night, much to the relief of my other half
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Pay only £6.50 today for shipping & handling (non-refundable). If you are satisfied with your purchase, simply do nothing and 30 days following your shipment your credit card will be charged a one-time fee of £59.99 (for 1) or £89.99 (for 2). This special offer is not available anywhere else. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, simply return the product(s) and you will not be charge any additional fees. 
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